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Our Story

Enrique Torres created Diablo Paso Wines to express the things most important to him:  the opportunity to share Enrique’s passion for Spanish wine, a commitment to hard work, and most importantly business success without sacrificing happiness and harmony at home.

Torres’ is native from a small fishing village in Guerrero, Mexico where Enrique was raised. Enrique come to the United States in 2001 to follow the American Dream.

​Upon his arrival in Paso Robles, Enrique began working at the former Martin & Weyrich winery. Enrique quite literally started at the bottom of the barrel as a cellar rat. He worked for three years sorting and crushing grapes, performing pump overs, punch downs, topping barrels and learning how to rack, filter and bottle wine. After three years Enrique was promoted to Cellar Master and in another two he earned the position and responsibilities of Assistant Winemaker.

Enrique had the benefit of working for several years at Martin & Weyrich under Master Winemaker Alan Kinne, who is frequently referred to as the godfather of Tempranillo and Albariño in the U.S.  Enrique and Alan have continued their collaboration at Cali Paso Winery, which took over the Martin & Weyrich vineyards and production facility in 2012.

The experience of working up from the bottom, along with the benefit of exceptional mentoring, are what Enrique credits most for his technical winemaking ability.  However, it is Enrique’s appreciation and respect for old world style that he credits for the uniqueness of every bottle of Diablo Paso wine.

The Boys!

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Max and Nico are Diablo Paso Employee #1 and Diablo Paso Employee #2, respectively. They are Enrique & Nora’s pride and joy – especially when they help!

The Dog!

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Don’t let Yoda’s yawn fool you – he is almost four years old and has all the energy he needs to chase the boys and the occasional squirrel.

Mucho Trabajo!

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Enrique has a day job too! In addition to Diablo Paso, Enrique is the Winemaker at
​Cali Paso Winery.

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